Hiking Outside Seattle, WA

Not being from the Seattle area I have recently been asking the question of where is a great hiking spot outside Seattle, WA. I found a great place called Wallace Falls. With this area full of small places to go for small day hikes Wallace Falls to me stands out over some of the rest around.

Wallace Falls


A short thirty minute drive from downtown Seattle,WA located in Gold Bar, WA. This hike is just off a main highway so its pretty easy to find. I’ve run into a few places that feel like your driving way too far in the middle of nowhere. So being right off a highway is kind of nice. Pulling into the large parking lot there is plenty of parking and no need for any permits or passes.


As much as I did enjoy this great hike it started off quite unimpressive. Walking up, the path follows power lines which while i was there I heard an erie hissing noise. This did add a bit of danger to the experience, which is always a good thing to me. The path soon curves into the woods and soon enough you feel like your hundred miles away from your vehicle. The beginning of the hike in the woods is fairly flat, so not that strenuous. Soon it start to incline steadily, and after a while you get the feeling that you are climbing a mountain. Throughout the five mile hike it features great views, water crossings, and an awesome waterfall. Giving you three different viewing areas for the waterfall. The middle is by far the most impressive.

Wallace Falls

Overall I really enjoyed this great hiking spot outside Seattle, WA. I will give a word of advise wear a rain jacket that will give you some heat as well. The hike goes from being a typical warm hike starting out and then starts to get colder and wetter the higher you go in elevation. Bring some water and snacks with you as its nice to stop for lunch to refuel about half way through. Wallace Falls was definitely worth the short drive from Seattle. Hope you enjoy the hike as much as I did!!












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